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Should I stay or should I go – crossroads and career choices with family

September 16, 2022 RANZCP
Psych Matters
Should I stay or should I go – crossroads and career choices with family
Show Notes

In this episode hosted by the Gender Equity Working Group of the RANZCP, Dr Carol Silberberg and Associate Professor Samantha Loi discuss the challenges involved in balancing leadership roles with family commitments and provide their own experiences and advice about how to tackle these. 

Dr Andrew Amos is a Representative of the RANZCP’s Gender Equity Working Group.

Associate Professor Samantha Loi is a neuropsychiatrist, old age psychiatrist, principal research fellow at the University of Melbourne, mother, stepmother, partner and one of a very small group of women academic-psychiatrists at the RANZCP.  She has a h-index of 20, over 80 publications and has obtained lots of funding for various projects but unfortunately none for her personal use. Her clinical and work interests include dementia, ageing and death.    Associate Professor Loi is a keen advocate for lifting up other women and inspiring them to pursue an academic career and interest in research.

Dr Carol Silberberg left her role in academic psychiatry to focus on conflict resolution and time management after having children. As a fitness junkie, she now stays fit by running after her children and does 10 000 steps a day as Director of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry at St Vincent’s Melbourne, with specialist interests in eating disorders and diabetes. Coupled with her longstanding work with asylum seekers, she has been inspired to develop her leadership skills to be a stronger advocate for these populations. Dr Silberberg is passionate about improving family unfriendly practices and inequities that are widespread in medical workplaces. To unwind, she dabbles as a ceramicist, cellist, cook, and singer. In her spare time, she enjoys catching up on her backlog of emails and missed sleep.


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