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On the Rural Pathway: City Experience vs Rural Experience in Training

January 06, 2023
Psych Matters
On the Rural Pathway: City Experience vs Rural Experience in Training
Show Notes

Are you considering a move to a rural community for your psychiatry training? This is the first podcast of a series of five; In Conversation: On the Rural Pathway to RANZCP Fellowship. Host Dr David Townsend speaks with psychiatrists-in-training sharing firsthand experience of living and working in a rural community.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists has received Australian Government funding under the Specialist Training Program to deliver this activity. 

Dr David Townsend is a stage two psychiatry registrar currently working with the WA Country Health Service in a new Medical Education Registrar role to help develop and launch the new Rural Psychiatry Training WA program. He was a multimedia designer, photographer, and branding & marketing consultant prior to embarking on a career change into Medicine. Dr Townsend advocates for using digital technology and innovative approaches to develop world-class Psychiatry training in rural and remote communities.

Dr Nicholas Faint is a fourth-year psychiatry registrar completing advanced training in addiction and consultation-liaison psychiatry in Brisbane. He completed his medical training in Western Australia graduating from UNDF in 2015 and completed Stage 1 and 2 training at an Integrated Rural Training Pipeline (IRTP) Training Post in Albany. Dr Faint has previously held the position of vice-chairperson for the Western Australia Association of Psychiatrist in Training (WA APT) and sat on the Trainee Representative Committee (TRC). He is passionate about rural psychiatry and is a member of the Regional, Rural and Remote Steering Group.  

Dr Skye Kinder is a passionate advocate for rural and other marginalized patients and their communities. In addition to her clinical work as a doctor in the field of mental health, she is a prolific writer and award-winning speaker and health commentator. Dr Kinder serves on the RANZCP Section of Rural Psychiatry and is a representative on the RANZCP Regional, Rural and Remote Training Steering Group.

Dr Phoebe Thornton's desire to practice as a Rural Psychiatrist on completion of her training has led her to take a training post at Albany in Western Australia. Dr Thornton is determined to be part of a sustainable and accessible rural psychiatry workforce that can provide services comparable to those provided in metropolitan areas. Working in a rural setting has strengthened her commitment to rural psychiatry and she firmly believes it is a privilege to care for the people in these communities.

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