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On the Rural Pathway: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health

March 03, 2023 RANZCP
Psych Matters
On the Rural Pathway: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health
Show Notes

This episode will explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health training experiences and consideration of indigenous values, lifestyles, aspirations, family and differing needs and capacities of Indigenous people in diverse, complex economic and social circumstances. Through the firsthand stories of current trainees on their rural pathways to Fellowship, they share their experience of what are culturally appropriate mental health and social and emotional wellbeing and services for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples, and how these are best delivered by going out to the community.

This podcast series was made possible by funding from the Australian Government through the Specialist Training Program. The Specialist Training Program is an Australian Government initiative to support specialist medical training in settings beyond traditional public teaching hospitals, including rural and private facilities. 

 WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners are warned that the following program may contain mentions of deceased persons. 

 Dr Madeleine Leung is a CL psychiatry certificate advanced trainee in the Mildura Base Public Hospital. Many of her rotations have been STP rotations, as Mildura is always an area of workforce shortage. Dr Leung loves the variety, the hands-on experiences, and the continuity of care that sub-regional psychiatry training offers. She thinks that regional Victoria is where the frontier of psychiatry is, and the most exciting place to be working, living, and learning. 

Dr Samuel Baxter (MBBS, MVitOEN, BEng (Hons), is an AT in Addiction Psychiatry based in Southern Tasmania. Dr Baxter is the current RANZCP Tasmanian BCT representative and the RANZCP Binational AT Certificate Representative on the Subcommittee for Advanced Training in Addiction psychiatry. He also sits on a few local committees including the RANZCP STP Tasmania Project. Tasmania is a beautiful and unique state to work in and due to its relative isolation from the other state training networks it relies heavily on STP funding to support trainee development.

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