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Whakaronongo ki nga whakaaro nui o nga kaumātua (listening to the wisdom of ones elders)

April 14, 2023 RANZCP
Psych Matters
Whakaronongo ki nga whakaaro nui o nga kaumātua (listening to the wisdom of ones elders)
Show Notes

In this Episode Dr Rees Tapsell (Māori fellow) interviews Ms Moe Milne and Mr Ron Baker (Māori cultural elders and advisors for the RANZCP) to get their insights into a range of issues related to Māori mental health.  In addition to being recognised cultural experts both Moe and Ron have nursing training and are deeply ensconced within the Maori world.  They bring decades of experience to bear as they discuss issues from Colonisation and its effects non-Maori through to Māori models of care and Māori knowledge systems.  They highlight the importance of cultural competence in dealing with Māori and discuss some basic competencies required to work with Māori. Ms Moe Milne and Mr Ron Baker are currently Kaumātua at the RANZCP to provide essential mātauranga (wisdom) and leadership within the College structure.

Ms Moe Milne lives in Matawaia on whanau land with her mokopuna and children all around her. She believes knowing who you are where you belong and participation in your marae are important components of well being. This belief underpins all the work she does in mental health and addictions , Maori Health, and Education.

Mr Ron Baker hails from the Tairawhiti lives on Hoani Waititi Marae and after nearly 45 years working in Mental Health and Kaupapa Maori Services continues to be part of these services. Tikanga Maori and cultural healing practises remain a large part of daily activities and are included in the standing as Kaumatua for the college and Marae.

Dr Rees Tapsell is of Māori, heralding from the Arawa canoe and of Ngāti Whakaue descent. He is the Executive Director of the Midland Regional Forensic Service and the Director of Clinical Services for the Waikato Mental Health and Addictions services at the Waikato District Health Board. He is a clinical lecturer with the department of psychological medicine at the Auckland School of Medicine. Dr Tapsell has served as a General Council member with the Australia and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, as a board member on two HHSs/DHBs, on several small private companies and he served as a psychiatrist Deputy Member on the Mental Health Review Tribunal for 12 years. He has been involved in the development of a number of Māori specific approaches to the provision of mental health care to Māori in both general and forensic services and in both government and NGO settings.

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