Psych Matters

Rollout of the Integrated Primary MH&A programme

April 28, 2023 RANZCP
Psych Matters
Rollout of the Integrated Primary MH&A programme
Show Notes

This podcast tracks the 20 years of learning and programme development of a psychiatrist working in primary care, culminating in development, piloting, and evaluation of an “Integrated Primary MH&A programme”.  The programme integrates three new roles (a mental health clinician, a health coach, and access to NGO peer/community support) into primary care teams, seeing people on the day they present, and allowing patients’ holistic wellbeing needs to be better met.  Based on evaluation findings the NZ Government funded the programme for national rollout over the period 2019 to 2024.  As of mid-2022 the programme is now available to over 600,000 residents of Auckland, and over 50,000 people have accessed one or more of the added supports available, with 60% achieving significant improvements in wellbeing
Dr David Codyre is a psychiatrist with 30 years experience working in the community mental health sector in New Zealand, in a range of clinical and leadership roles.  He has spent the past 20 years leading development of primary mental health programmes, and advocating at a regional and national level for strengthening of primary mental health capacity, along with better support for primary care from secondary mental health services.  He has lead development pilots and now Auckland wide implementation, of the “Integrated primary MH&A programme”.  

David currently works with Tamaki Health, a network of clinics providing team-based primary care services to populations in high-needs areas of Auckland, NZ.  He is currently seconded half time as Clinical Director of the Auckland Wellbeing Collaborative, supporting implementation of this model integrating wellness support into all GP clinics in Auckland over the next 3-4years.  David is also Lead Psychiatrist to Whakarongorau, the National Telehealth Service – the home of 1737 “Need to Talk”, the Depression Helpline, Drug/Alcohol Helpline, and Gambling Helpline.

Dr Clive Bensemann is the Clinical Lead for the New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission’s Mental Health & Addiction Quality Improvement program;  and  currently works at Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau as Clinical Head for Mental Health Services for Older People. He trained first as a General Practitioner before specialising as a Psychiatrist (FRANZCP) and Medical Administrator (FRACMA).   His interests include  Integrated Care, and service change through use of measurement and improvement science.

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