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Lived Experience of Intellectual Disability and Domestic Violence: Episode 1

September 29, 2023 RANZCP
Psych Matters
Lived Experience of Intellectual Disability and Domestic Violence: Episode 1
Show Notes

This series of two podcasts explores the effective communication strategies Psychiatrists could use with their patients, and the impacts of domestic violence on patients with intellectual disability. Episode 1 is an introduction to Lachlan Sayer and his experiences living with intellectual disability and interactions with Psychiatrists.

Dr Dan Mirmilstein is a loving dad and husband, avid meditator, superhero fan and Lego enthusiast. He works as a psychiatry consultant in a major metropolitan health service helping people improve their mental health. He hopes to bring empathy, knowledge, skill and authenticity to his work as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, and offer integrated, whole-hearted treatment to young people and their families.

Lachlan Sayer is a second-year education student at RMIT. He has a leadership role at UoM in designing the curriculum for a new course that aims to teach medical students the social science and interaction strategies for patients with special cognitive or verbal difficulties.

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