Psych Matters

Philosophical and Ethical Issues of Working with Asylum Seekers and Refugees

August 06, 2021 RANZCP
Psych Matters
Philosophical and Ethical Issues of Working with Asylum Seekers and Refugees
Show Notes

In this episode of Psych Matters, Dr Kym Jenkins, Dr Jon Jureidini and Dr Sue Lutton discuss the Philosophical and ethical issues of working with asylum seekers and refugees.

Dr Kym Jenkins is a Consultant psychiatrist, specialising in psychotherapy and consultation-liaison psychiatry. She is Chair of Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges, Chair of the Migrant and Refugee Health Partnership and a past-President Royal Australian New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 

 Kym has held various roles in public and private psychiatry, medical education and not-for profit organisations. She has a clinical interest in Refugee and Asylum Seeker mental health, as well as a longstanding clinical and academic interest in the health and welfare of medical professionals. Kym was medical director of Victorian Doctors Health Program for 2007-17 and was the inaugural chair of the DrHSpty advisory group. Currently Kym is on the executive of Hand-n-Hand Peer support.    

Kym’s other roles currently include: 

  • Adjunct Senior lecturer at Monash University and Honorary Senior Fellow at Melbourne University
  • Chair of Support for Rural Specialists Australia (SRSA), Member of Australian Medical Council

Dr Jon Jureidini is a child psychiatrist who heads Adelaide University’s Critical and Ethical Mental Health research group (CEMH), which promotes safer, more effective and more ethical research and practice in mental health; and the Paediatric Mental Health Training Unit (PMHTU), which provides training in non-pathologising approaches to primary care mental health. He is chair of Australian-Palestinian Partnerships in Education and Health.

Dr Sue Lutton works as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Perth in private practice and in a refugee trauma clinic.
She has worked for over fifteen years with asylum seekers and refugees in a torture and trauma service for refugees. This involves direct clinical care of community detention asylum seekers, refugees and also the clinical supervision and teaching of staff and registrars.

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