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Remote Psychiatry

May 13, 2022 RANZCP
Psych Matters
Remote Psychiatry
Show Notes

Remote psychiatry is one part of the diverse practice of regional, rural, and remote psychiatry that is unique to countries such as Australia and New Zealand.  Remote psychiatry brings a number of unique challenges and benefits for clinicians and is not for the faint hearted. 

Working in resource poor areas, across large geographical areas means that psychiatrists must be adept in providing the whole range of psychiatric skills and expertise to entire communities, differentiating itself from metropolitan practice most familiar with psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand. 

Associate Professor Mat Coleman leads today’s discussion from Geraldton in Western Australia, where he calls in from his mobile phone.

Joining Mat are Doctors Neil Jeyasingam from Broken Hill, Siva Bala from Cairns and Sela Mulholland from Broome. Mat’s mobile phone connection is less than ideal, but stay with us for this very interesting discussion.

Associate Professor Mat Coleman is the Clinical Director of the Great Southern Mental Health Service (WA Country Health Service) based out of Albany WA. He is also the inaugural chair of Rural and Remote Mental Health Practice for the Rural Clinical School WA (University of Western Australia) and is a Commissioner with the National Mental Health Commission. Mat is a member of the Faculty of Addiction Psychiatry, and the Child and Adolescent Faculty of the RANZCP and is the current chair of the Section of Rural Psychiatry.

Dr Neil Jeyasingam is the Clinical Director of Far West Local Health District Mental Health Drug and Alcohol. A Senior Clinical Lecturer with Sydney University, his personal website is

Dr Selamawit Mulholland is a Stage 3 psychiatry registrar with a passion for remote psychiatry. She has lived and worked in regional and rural Victoria, remote Far North Queensland and remote WA.

Dr Siva Bala  is the Chair of the RANZCP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Committee and currently based in Cairns Queensland. He has a certificate of advanced training in Adult Psychiatry and is a member of the Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry. Siva has been an advisor to State and Federal Governments and mental health commissions in Indigenous mental health policy. 

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